Leaves Drawing

Graphite Artworks

The following artworks are all with done with shading pencils with fine smudges at the end to get more realistic as possible.

18646716_250409712031912_7082407711123439616_n (1).jpg


The Epic Face-OFF

Bahubali vs Bhallaldeva in the epic climax scene from the opus magnum Bahubali-The Conclusion. Its my first entry into hyperrealism and took me nearly 50 hours to get it as realistic as possible. Done with Faber castell shading pencils and heavy smudging at the end.



Grandmaster with his deep intense gaze from 'Baaghi'. Done with graphite pencils within a timeframe of 30 hours.

29714512_2036463673286598_4024800899460235264_n (1).jpg
21879726_346596455794146_1850285118141235200_n (1).jpg



A portrait of this beautiful candid picture done within a period of 30 hours.


Mercy Cry

“In my alarm I said, “I am cut off from your sight!” Yet you heard my cry for mercy when I called to you for help.” - Psalm 31:22. Done with shading pencils within a timeframe of 25 hours.